for stupid people ?

„… digital cameras are for stupid people. Pictures taken by a digital camera only show the instant moment. A digital camera copies the presence of reality. What you see is what you get. However, there may be something added to the frame during the process of developing or printing when it comes to gelatin silver print. There could be sentimental feelings in those photographs. This kind of “mysterious secret” goes into the process of using a film camera. It is humane, so it is appropriate for photographic expression. I do not feel the body temperature of the subject in digital image. There is no physicality. A digital camera turns a photographer into a robot, with no feeling.“

— Nobuyoshi Araki

excerpt from Crossing Boundaries, an interview with Nobuyoshi Araki (2011)

Gefunden bei valerian mehr von Nobuyoshi Araki über ‘the dry brightness’ of digital photography kann man bei tokyo camera style nachlesen.

Wenn’s Araki sagt …


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