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Ziemlich verrückt was zur Zeit in Sachen Fotobuchmarkt so geschieht;

„Of the 27 books in PhotoEye’s best of the year list, only 6 are available to buy new at their store. 5 I could find direct from their respective publishers, mostly in Europe, some of which were possibly unavailable (I had to rely on Google translate to let me know if they were in stock or not). 6 aren’t available to buy at either PhotoEye or Amazon. Of the last 10, which are available on the secondary market, their average price for the cheapest copy available is $219.21! […] If this were Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of 2013 it would break down as: 22 albums would be available. 19 would be available as imports with all the hassle and fees associated. 37 albums could be found in highly limited supply on the secondary market for two to ten times their initial asking price. The final 22 wouldn’t be available anywhere.“

Eron Rauch – Hoarding Shadows: The Best Photo Books Of 2013

2011 habe ich schon auf einen Artikel im Guardian hingewiesen ..


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