links am sonntag – 02.07

Rollei Vario Chrome – Gute News in Sachen Film Photography, Macodirect wird demnächst den Diafilm Rollei Vario Chrome auf den Markt bringen.

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Dear film photographers and slide film lovers! First of all, we would like to thank you all for your great interest and all the comments and questions. We are overwhelmed and very happy to see how excited the film community gets if new film is announced, equally whether its Bergger Pancro, Ferrania P30 or in this case Rollei Vario Chrome. Within the past 24 hours, we have received an incredible number of questions and we will now try to answer the most important ones. We are thinking about a high-speed slide film since a few years but most manufacturers we cooperate with are whether currently not able or not willing to produce this kind of film. About a year ago we have been faced with the opportunity to acquire a bigger amount of high-speed slide film that was produced by one oft the major film manufacturers.  Now, as we couldn’t have a completely new emulsion made, we have decided to go with this excellent film material and make it available to the public again. Unfortunately, due to the limited stock, we won’t be able to offer other formats besides 135-36. Nevertheless the available stock will last for a couple of production runs and meanwhile, we will continue to work with our partners on a sustainable slide film solution. The film will be available at all major Rollei retailers soon.  The recommended retail price fort the EU market will app. 9.00 EUR per roll. We hope you’ll enjoy the film and its look as much as we do. Sample images will follow today.

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Ein paar Bilder gibt es schon bei Instagram zu sehen.

Musik und Photography
– Kendrick Lamar und seine Hommage an Gordon Parks bei Petapixel .

Zu Empfehlen das Buch – I AM YOU. Selected Works: 1942–1978 bei Steidl erschienen.

Nicht Vergessen am 12.07 ist wieder International Kodak Film Photography Day (IKFPD). Mehr dazu bei Flickr

Infrarotaufnahmen mit Toy Kameras – Holga und Superheadz UWS a.k.a Vivitar UWS geladen mit Infrarotfilmen gesehen bei Film Shooters Collective.

Bruce Gilden – Coney Island – Bruce Gilden spricht über seine Aufnahmen, die zwischen 1970-1980 entstanden sind. Sehenswert !


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